Welcome Dr. Askew

For seventeen years, Dr. Jeffrey Askew has been serving the Fredericksburg community to meet its cardiovascular needs.  In that time, he has earned a reputation as a proficient clinician who delivers high quality, compassionate care to his patients. We are proud to announce that Dr. Askew will be joining the team at Oracle Heart and Vascular as of April 2023 where he will continue to provide care for our patients’ cardiovascular conditions.

We appreciate the enormity of this transition for him as well as his numerous patients.   As his new partner in your health, Oracle Heart & Vascular welcomes you and pledges to streamline the transition of your cardiac care.   The Oracle team is ready to assist you with scheduling your future appointments, diagnostic testing, and prescription needs.

Patient Support

For patients whom Dr. Askew has prescribed medications and you need refills prior to your next appointment, let us assist.

Request that your pharmacy fax us a list of your current medications.

Kindly ensure that the list includes your cardiologist’s name as the prescribing provider.


Click the following link to securely upload your pharmacy’s list of medications.

This list will include the appropriate information needed for us to assist you.

We appreciate the enormity of the transition in your care. Our team is ready to assist you with scheduling your future appointments, diagnostic testing, and continued care at Oracle Heart & Vascular, with Dr. Askew. Click here to request an appointment with Dr. Askew.

For patients who need assistance transferring their cardiac device care and remote monitoring, simply select “device/remote monitoring” from the drop down menu under Reason for Appointment, in the following link. You will then be asked to enter the type of device you have as well as its serial number.

Note: select “Dr. Askew” as your referring provider

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