Jeffrey E. Askew, MD, FACC

Jeffrey E. Askew, MD, FACC


Dr. Askew is a veteran of the United States Air Force, where he was honored to have served for eleven years. He is board certified in cardiovascular diseases and nuclear cardiology. He began practicing in the Fredericksburg region in 2006.  After nearly two decades in practice at Virginia Cardiovascular Consultants, he has joined Oracle Heart & Vascular. 

Dr. Askew is skilled in managing various cardiovascular conditions.   He has a particular interest in heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, and preventative cardiology. Dr. Askew will serve and inaugurate Oracle’s new cardiovascular service line, the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. In addition to using conventional medical therapies for CV disease, the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic empowers patient wellness through an interactive program that emphasizes healthy nutrition, regular physical activity, restorative sleep and stress-coping strategies to create a balanced state of mindfulness and wellness.Together with his board certified physician assistant, Lauren Bock, patients are educated and encourage to develop a more holistic approach to serve as an adjunct in managing their cardiovascular comorbidities.

Dr. Askew practices with genuine compassion and empathy in the care of each patient as he values their autonomy and understands that each patient experiences their unique journey  through illness.  He demonstrates his ability to communicate effectively in his education and engagement with each patient to build trust and confidence through understanding.  Dr. Askew is an accomplished specialist offering exceptional quality and brings authentic character traits that blend seamlessly with Oracle’s values and culture.

Patient Support

For patients whom Dr. Askew has prescribed medications and you need refills prior to your next appointment, let us assist.

Request that your pharmacy fax us a list of your current medications.

Kindly ensure that the list includes your cardiologist’s name as the prescribing provider.


Click the following link to securely upload your pharmacy’s list of medications.

This list will include the appropriate information needed for us to assist you.

We appreciate the enormity of the transition in your care. Our team is ready to assist you with scheduling your future appointments, diagnostic testing, and continued care at Oracle Heart & Vascular, with Dr. Askew. Click here to request an appointment with Dr. Askew.

For patients who need assistance transferring their cardiac device care and remote monitoring, simply select “device/remote monitoring” from the drop down menu under Reason for Appointment, in the following link. You will then be asked to enter the type of device you have as well as its serial number.

Note: select “Dr. Askew” as your referring provider

Practice Milestones

Introducing Oracle’s Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

This exciting new medical specialty uses evidence-based alternatives which empower patient wellness through progressive program that focuses on proper nutrition, enhancing physical activity, risky substance avoidance, restorative sleep, and positive social connections. The clinic is co-lead by Dr. Jeffrey Askew and Physician Assistant Lauren Bock, who is a board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Diplomat. 

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