Introducing Oracle’s Lifestyle Medicine Clinic

This exciting new medical specialty uses evidence-based alternatives which empower patient wellness through progressive program that focuses on proper nutrition, enhancing physical activity, risky substance avoidance, restorative sleep, and positive social connections. The clinic is co-lead by Dr. Jeffrey Askew and Physician Assistant Lauren Bock, who is a board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Diplomat. 

Lauren Bock, PA-C, DIPABLM

Lifestyle Medicine Physician Assistant Lauren is a double board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician Assistant. She offers experience in medicine that spans nearly two decades, encompasses several specialties, and healthcare settings. Her passion for wellness has evolved while serving patients from various backgrounds, health concerns, and circumstances.  As a complement to traditional medicine, Lauren has turned her […]

Welcome Lauren Bock

Oracle warmly welcomes – Lauren Bock, PA-C, a double board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician Assistant.  Oracle is tremendously grateful to offer her exceptional knowledge and fundamental insights to its patients.  She offers experience in medicine that spans nearly two decades and encompasses several specialties.  Throughout her career, her passion for helping patients achieve optimal health has progressed to an integrative, lifestyle medicine-based approach to traditional […]